Local Chambers offering solutions to businesses affected by Canada Post Strike

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Alberta and Canadian Chambers offering discounts for shipping for businesses

The Alberta and Canadian Chambers of commerce are hoping to alleviate some of the stress businesses are experiencing with the strikes at Canada Post.

Anyone who's got a chamber membership can get a discounted rate thanks to alternative shipping options being offered.

Any business who's got an Alberta Chamber membership can save up to 25% off their shipping costs with Puralator https://bit.ly/2NIg0aW while those with a membership to the Canadian Chamber could save up to 40% on small packages and 75% on freight with UPS https://bit.ly/2Qc3OR2.

Some new data collected by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business revealed two-thirds of small businesses in Canada have been negatively affected by the strike at Canada Post.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)



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