Local Business collaborative cowork coming to Beaumont

Beaumont hoping to help provide more office space for local business

The city of Beaumont is giving local businesses the opportunity to grow in a unique way that's never been seen in the community before.

This summer they will be launching the first business incubator and collaboration for local business in the city.

Rob Mackin, the director of Economic Development for Beaumont tells The One News how the new momentum collaboration space will be an asset to small home businesses in Beaumont.

"We want to bring a place in the community where those folks can come and have a presence, either flex space where they can collaborate with clients, other businesses, they can rent a dedicated office that they can work out of, so the kids at the kitchen table aren't always bugging them, it's that place where they can grow their business from it's start to the next level" says Mackin.

Beaumont currently has about 1200 businesses according to Mackin but most don't have dedicated space or storefronts.

Momentum would include space for dedicated offices for rent, along with a board room, resources and amenities like printers, WIFI, and supplies to help small businesses move to a permanent location.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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