Local Antique Dealer Victim of Major Break-in

The owner of Beck Antiques is facing a massive cleanup after thieves drove into the front of his south Edmonton store.

Clinton Beck has been in business for 30 years.  And he admits he's the target of thieves about once everything three years, so this latest break-in didn't really come as a surprise.

However, the details of this smash-and-grab were more than a little unusual.  Thieves drove a truck through the front of his south Edmonton location, one of three he owns.  The damage was so severe he was unable to lock the store Monday night, which meant some of his staff had to camp out there to protect it.  

Fortunately, Beck uses a security system that pumps smoke into his store during a break-in.  It makes it almost impossible for thieves to see.  In this instance, the system limited what the thieves stole before fleeing.  "They ended up taking a World War I officer's sword, a plastic tube that holds a rocket launcher, and a silver box.  So, it was minimal losses," Beck said.

He found out later that his store was one of several antique shops to be targeted by thieves in recent weeks.  "In the last two weeks, almost every antique store in the city had been hit.  It's just very suspicious.  It's possibly the same people that are doing it.  We are like the fifth or sixth store in the last few weeks to have been hit," he added.

Beck estimates the cost of repairs could be as high as $50,000.  He says the items stolen are one-of-a-kind and would be virtually impossible to be sold without attracting attention.  

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