Leduc water not affected by recent lead study

While many communities found their water quality to be shockingly poor, the City of Leduc's water supply is in the clear.

Residents in the City of Leduc can rest easy knowing their water is safe to drink.

Following a Health Canada announcement this spring, that saw the maximum acceptable concentration for lead in drinking water increase from 10 micrograms per litre to 5 micrograms per litre, many Canadian cities and towns found their water to fall outside of the safe parameters.

Leduc’s water was found to be safely outside of those new limits, with tests consistently revealing levels below than 0.0001 micrograms per litre. Leduc’s use of PVC plastic, Concrete, and steel in the design of its water main system help to ensure the city does not have any lead service lines within the city limits.

Despite the fact that Canadian municipal water treatment plants generally do not contain lead, areas that still send water through lead service lines, as well as businesses and homes using lead-based plumbing fixtures are large contributors to the problem.

Although the City of Leduc cannot ensure private homes or businesses have lead -free fittings or taps, the city will continue to work with EPCOR to prevent the current levels of lead the city’s drinking water from increasing.

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