Leduc to postpone the opening dates for several campgrounds

So far, four campgrounds have pushed their opening dates into June.

 Leduc County made announcement on Tuesday that the county would be pushing back the opening dates for Jubilee Park and Centennial Park Campgrounds until June 5. The next day, on March 31, the county announced that Genessee Park Group and Sunnybrook Creek Park Group Campgrounds will also push back their opening day until June 5.

Campground reservations for Centennial Park will be accepted starting on May 11, and for Jubilee Park on May 20. Reservations for Genessee Park and Sunnybrook Creek are currently open, but only for dates on or after June 5.

The delayed opening days are in response to the continued threat of COVID-19, and the dates are still subject to change as the situation continues to evolve surrounding the coronavirus.

For more information on Leduc County’s response to coronavirus, visit the COVID-19 page on the county’s website.

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