Leduc to get its first Smart Traffic Camera

It's expected this will be the first of several cameras used to assist with traffic management.

Leduc City Council is moving forward with a plan to install a smart camera at the corner of 50th Street and Black Gold Drive.

It's the first of its kind in Leduc.  During budget deliberations, city council was told by the administration that the new smart technology can be used for a variety of tasks, including improved traffic flow, and real-time assessment of problems that may occur at the intersection.

"Having only one intersection in this community as a 'smart' intersection.  How valuable is that date going to be?" asked councillor Glen Finstad.

$60,000 has been set aside in the 2021 budget to install the camera.  The intersection was chosen because fibre optic lines already exist in the area.  Council was told the smart camera works best with that level of technology.

Finstad later told the council he thought the project was a good idea, based on what he had seen after visiting two municipalities in British Columbia.

"The things I was able to see in both Surrey and Kelowna were amazing in terms of what comes up on these cameras.  The potential to determine what happened in the event of a collision at an intersection or somebody escaping from some nefarious activity," he said.

"With the way traffic is going in the city of Leduc I think we have to start moving towards this smart technology," added Mayor Bob Young.  "We can start to get ahead of the problems we'll have with more traffic."

It's anticipated more smart cameras would be added once more fibre optic lines are laid at major intersections in the city.

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