Leduc Rotary Clock serves as a historical landmark for the city

New rotary clock with an illustrious history unveiled in Leduc

A part of Leduc's illustrious history has been etched into the new downtown rotary clock.

King George School was built in Leduc in the early 1900's and even though the school is long gone, the bricks from that school have been used to build the base of the new landmark.

The rotary clock is located at 50th Ave and 48a Street.

Leduc's Deputy Mayor Beverly Beckett tells The One News what the clock symbolizes.

"It's a landmark so you can say you come to the clock because an address means whatever but this is now a landmark and it's a focal point of interest and a focal point of pride in our community and retaining our history," says Beckett.

Beckett tells us what she hopes people see when they look at this clock "What I'm hoping is that people will have a sense of community and a sense of pride and a sense of belonging" says Beckett.

King George school was demolished back in 1965 but one of the school's teachers Marjorie Campbell took the bricks home to keep a part of Leduc alive.

Marjorie's family donated the bricks to the city in 2016.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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