Leduc RCMP survey residents on crime

Police want to know the law enforcement priorities of the community

For several years, the Leduc RCMP detachment has been surveying residents to find out what law enforcement issues are important to them.

"If we want a full and meaningful policing priority for the next year then, of course, we need to go to the source of the people that we're protecting, and of course that's the residents of the Leduc region," said Inspector Dale Kendall.

Residents clearly seem to enjoy the opportunity of providing feedback to law enforcement.  770 people filled out last year's survey, telling RCMP that a big priority was crime reduction.

"People felt that our property crime was on the rise and they were correct," said Kendall.  "What did we do about that?  We actually facilitated and implemented a Crime Reduction Framework."

Respondents to the survey may also be surprised to learn who reads their responses.

"I go through each and every survey that is submitted because I want to know exactly, good or bad, what the residents of Leduc feel about our policing services," added Kendall.

The deadline for filling out this year's survey is March 8th.  It can be found at this link; https://www.leduc.ca/rcmp/policing-priorities


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