Leduc Mayor surprised by Iveson's call for municipalities pitch-in to help big-city amenities

Bob Young not in agreement with Iveson's call to have municipalities contribute to recreation facilities and tourist attractions within city limits

Leduc's mayor is scratching his head over comments made last week from Edmonton suggesting municipalities help cover their costs when it comes to running tourist attractions and recreation centres.

Bob Young admits he was surprised to hear those words come from Edmonton's mayor Don Iveson given how much he has preached the importance of regional collaboration in the past.

Young tells The One News when it comes tourism and recreational facilities Leduc is not all that different from Edmonton.

"It's a two-way street, we build facilities for our residents here and we get people from Edmonton coming out here and using our facilities just the same as our residents go in and use their facilities and realize they're not using them for free, we pay user fees to use their facilities and that helps the operating costs for both Edmonton and for our municipality as well" says Young.

Young says he thinks Iveson's comments suggesting taxes should be higher in Leduc may have been said in the heat of the moment and hopes they can address the comments at Thursday's Edmonton Municipal Region Board (EMRB) table meeting.

He added that Leduc like other municipalities in the Edmonton region builds culture and recreation facilities with tax dollars from people in the community.

Young also says the province along with surrounding municipalities recognize the importance of Edmonton's services and says that's reflected in provincial funding in the Big Cities Charter, MSI grants and over $1 billion in transit grants that all Albertans' tax dollars go towards. 

You can read Mayor Young's full statement here https://bit.ly/2QJuGYB.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)


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