Leduc implements financial measures to battle COVID-19

The measures will ensure necessary financial aid is accessible to citizens.

In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the City of Leduc is implementing important financial measures to assist citizens during this critical time.

Municipal tax notice mailouts will be deferred by two months, and a new property tax deadline of August 31, 2020, has been set.  Although the city’s complaint deadline remains set for March 30 at this time, as per provincial guidelines, the city's administration officials have contacted the province to extend the deadline.

All city utility account holders will be provided with the option of deferring payments for up to three months, but regular, bi-monthly bills will continue to be distributed to customers. No service disconnections or penalty fees shall be applied to any accounts during this time.

As the situation continues to evolve,  you can expect new information and updates as they come in. To learn more about the City of Leduc's Action Plan, visit https://www.leduc.ca/covid-19

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