Leduc Eco Station expands list of electronics

Residents now have more options to get rid of the gadgets they no longer use.

The award-winning Leduc Eco Station is now taking an expanded list of old electronic items for disposal. 

The expansion comes after a two-year pilot project done by Alberta Recycling.  But just because you get rid of something doesn't mean the end for an item you no longer need.  Many items can be re-purposed, according to Shawn Olson, head of engineering for the City of Leduc. 

"Recycled tires can be used to make some of those rubber pads that you see made from recycled materials," he said. "Inside our Eco Station we have examples of the uses for some of those recycled materials we'd be happy to show people if they come by."

The Eco Station won an award last month from the Alberta Recycling Management Authority.  "It was in the Large category," Olson said.  "The facility won the award because of our excellence in the management of electronics, paint and tire recycling, and meeting program requirements in making the site safer for residents."

Small appliances, gaming equipment, audio and video equipment, toys, wireless devices, power tools, musical instruments, solar panels (residential sized, or on solar garden lights) are on the list of items now accepted.  

For a complete list of what residents can take to the Eco Station, following the link https://www.leduc.ca/ecostation#  to the City of Leduc website.

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