Leduc County is co-hosting the 2018 Big Rig Symposium

The event takes place from June 21st-23rd in collaboration with the Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association

Yesterday marked the start of the 11th annual Big Rig Symposium.

Eighty firefighters from all around the world gather in Nisku for a three-day event, the first day is theories and exams while the next two days are hands-on experience.

Over the 3 day course, firefighters train in four different workshops with different big rig rescue scenarios.

These scenarios all have different challenges such as under-runs, rollovers, and other complicated issues.

Darrell Fleming is the Leduc County Fire Chief and he says this event reaches global status and many international firefighters attend this workshop every year.

One News had an opportunity to talk to Naiomi Valladares, a firefighter from Chile and she says her and her colleague who are at the workshop will bring the skills they learned here back to Chile.

This event is hosted by the Leduc County Fire Services in collaboration with the Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association.


JL/One News

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