Leduc County got a special award

Photo Courtesy of Joel Lafevre

A very special award was given to Leduc County during a city council meeting

During a city council meeting this afternoon, Leduc County received an award from the Canadian Public Works Association as part of the 2018 National Public Works week award contest.

Every year National Public Works Week recognizes men and women in North America who provide infrastructure and services known as public works.

This is the first year the County entered the contest.

Director of Public Works and Engineering Des Mryglod tells The One News how it feels to be recognized by the CPWA. 

"It is a great feeling for Leduc County and the staff participating to win this award. A lot of efforts from our staff in setting up the event and participating in it, and making it sure it was an overall success." 

"I think it's important for public and for us to have the opportunity to connect with the public to say yes we are in the community, these are the services that we provide and to get to know the staff that provides these services," says Mryglod. 

Prior to the contest, Leduc County hosted 2 public open houses at public workshops and took 151 elementary school children on a field trip.


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