Leduc County Councillor Appointed for 2nd Term

Leduc County Councillor for Division 1 Rick Smith will serve Leduc County for a second term.

Leduc County Councillor Rick Smith has been appointed for a 2nd term on Council due to acclamation in Division 1.

Smith was first elected to Council on October 21st, 2013, and just completed his first term as a Councillor for Leduc County. Smith accomplished quite a bit in his first term, but as Smith revealed to One News, there is a lot more he would like to accomplish. " I just want to continue the momentum of getting to the infrastructure put in, get some more employment to the area, and just continuing with some of the success which our residents have enjoyed out there. "

Smith is Councillor for Division 1, which is the far east end of the County which includes New Serepta. " One of the big things is we needed infrastructure to attract people to come out and live with us. When you look at the stats from last year's census, New Serepta grew by 6%, while the County grew by a total of 2% which means it is a desirable are for people to move to. " As of right now there are about 3,500 residents in Division 1.

From 2013 to 2017 the current Leduc County Council accomplished numerous projects, with one of them being annexation. " With the outcome where we are at is probably the best possible outcome for Leduc County. Retaining North Nisku and the $10,000,000 a year in tax revenues is huge for our future. The airport staying under the jurisdiction of Leduc County I think is growing exceptionally under the guidance of Leduc County," stated Smith.

Growth has been a major topic in Leduc County both in the number of residents and business wise as well. " This was actually addressed at the very beginning of the term. Why is it a great place to live? Why is it a great place to work? And what can we do to offer people the opportunity to work with us and live with us. " Smith added.

Residents of Leduc County head to vote fir the other six divisions on October 16th

The full, unedited, interview between Councillor Smith and One News can be heard by clicking the player below.


- JC

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