Leduc City Councillor Seeking Re-Election

Leduc City Councillor Beverly Beckett is seeking re-election this fall

A Leduc City Councillor Beverly Beckett is looking to be re-elected this fall.

Beckett has lived in the City of Leduc since 1977, and raised her family here. She is also a former owner of a downtown business and held practice in the City for 33 years.

Beckett has been on Leduc City Council for four years, and when it came time to make a decision on whether or not she wanted to re-run for Council, the answer was an easy one. 

" I feel like I have some unfinished business. It is certainly my passion to serve the citizens of Leduc, and I feel this is one of the best ways to do that. " stated Beckett.

It has been an extremely busy four years for Beckett, along with the rest of Council as a number of projects were completed during the span along with some major announcements. However, as Beckett explains, there is one major highlight for this past term. 

" The single biggest highlight for me has been the downtown revitalization. We have been working on that for the last seven years and it is so nice to see that come into fruition. This is a great feeling of gratitude considering the amount of effort and investment by the City of Leduc. "

Growth has been a major talking point in the City of the Leduc in the last year with numerous projects announced, and major businesses coming to the city.

" Once we get the 65th avenue project done the Aerotropolis project is going to come unglued, and opportunities for us. We have had the food processing plant here for many years to. "

Beckett added once the mall is completed the City is hopeful they have a good public transit plan in place to help assist the citizens in their commute to work.

If re-elected, Beckett already has a number of items which she would like to continue to work on moving forward to help the city of Leduc.

" Number one. Economic development. How are we going to strategically place ourselves to make this the best place to do business. This is going to help our citizens get back to work. Number two is focusing on downtown. How are we going to bring special businesses downtown to provide unique services to residents. I am also going to focus on the arts. "

Leduc residents will head to the polls on October 16th.

The full, unedited interview between One News & Leduc City Councillor Beverly Beckett can be played by clicking the player below.



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