Leduc City Council hosted a special council meeting

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the Leduc Regional Fire Services initiative.

Leduc City Councillors called a special council meeting regarding the Leduc Regional Fire Services plan.

The City will be looking to collaborate with Leduc County's Fire services to create a joint force, Leduc County council has not yet made a decision on the LRFS initiative, the council will consider this matter at the Tuesday, July 3 council meeting.

Leduc Mayor Bob Young says if there are any problems with the new collaboration, both the City and County Councils can work together to solve those issues.


Young adds the more money they can save on fire services means there will be more funds to spread around different districts.

The City will work with Leduc County to further refine components of Final Implementation Plan including, but not limited to, governance, financial impacts, and smaller urban and rural service delivery.


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