Leduc #1 derrick coming to the Energy Discovery Centre

Photo courtesy of Wikemedia

Historic landmark coming soon to Leduc's #1 Energy Discovery Centre

One of our provinces major historic landmarks is making its way to the #1 Discovery Centre.

The actual derrick that helped make our province rich 70 years ago is moving from Gateway Park in Edmonton to the Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre in Leduc County.

Jan Becker is the Discovery Centre's Executive Director and he tells The One News how this rig dramatically changed our countries fortunes.

"This oil discovery in 1947, it really changed the economic climate of Canada as a whole, it changed from having us import our oil from the States, to us actually being exporters of oil, it created a huge boom in industry and investment in Alberta, it made the city of Edmonton grow from less than 100,000 to what it is today as well as of course growing Nisku and Leduc" says Becker.

Becker adds if it wasn't for oil a community like Devon might never have existed.

The derrick will be dismantled this month and will eventually be brought to the museum where it will be restored.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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