Jason McNabb for Beaumont Town Council

Jason McNabb for Beaumont Town Council.

Jason McNabb, a Beaumont resident has put his name on the ballot in the 2017 Municipal Election.

IT Manager and Beaumont resident Jason McNabb, has set his sights on a seat on council during the 2017 Municipal Election.

In an exclusive interview with One News, McNabb explained why he came to the decision to run for council, "the decision to run was not only based on the fact that, of course, I wanted to give back to my community, but it was about how I could give back and what skills did I bring to the table."

During his campaign McNabb has explained to voters what he has done in that past that would make him qualified for a position on council. He has worked as a public servant with the Alberta Government for the past nine years and has "saved the government money by negotiating with vendors." McNabb currently works as an IT Manager and feels he has obtained certain skills which would apply if elected onto council. These skills include Respect, accountability, integrity and excellence. "These are the values that guide me both at work and in my personal life," McNabb said on his campaign Facebook page.

McNabb's campaign is being driven by seven key points, including; encouraging more community engagement, community beautification, safety over convenience, municipal enforcement, reaching out for partnerships, responsible spending and working together.

"With council we have a diverse group of people running, I think people bring different skill sets to the table. Ultimately we have to work together and one of, I think my strengths, is one of collaboration where I'm looking to capitalize on those strengths from different councilors and making sure we're doing the right thing in terms of how we engage the public and how we partner with our regional partners."

Beaumont residents will head to the polls on October 16, 2017.

To hear more from Jason McNabb, listen to the full, unedited interview below by clicking the player. 


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