Infants at higher risk for burns

Photo courtesy of Leduc Fire Services Facebook

Leduc Fire Services warning people about the burn risks for children

The cold weather means you're likely using more things in your home to stay warm which can lead to other issues.

Leduc Fire Services is warning people about the risk of burns, particularly in children.

Leduc Deputy Fire Chief Gerry Kelly tells The One News why children run a higher risk of burns as opposed to adults.

"Their skin is more prone to damage versus an adult or a teenager, it tends to be damaged four times more than your average adult so obviously it wouldn't take much to damage the skin on an infant," says Kelly.

The top three types of burns seen in Canadian Emergency rooms in 2013 were identified as scalds, contact with hot objects and fire/flame or smoke according to a report released by the Government of Canada in 2017

Leduc Fire Services has some household tips to prevent scalds or burns around the home and they include:

-Teach children that hot things burn and will hurt them

Be safe in the kitchen by ensuring pot handles are turned away from a stove's edge, cook on the back burners, and don't leave cooking unattended.  Teaching children about kitchen safety and what not to touch is also a great preventative measure

  • Keep small appliance cords wrapped and away from counter edges. This would apply to toasters, countertop kettles, and hair styling tools
  • -Test a child’s bath and sink water before using. It’s a good practice to turn on the cold water first and then turn on the hot water to reach the desired temperature that is safe for the child. And when turning them off, go in reverse order to minimize any risk of the child coming in contact with the hot water
  • Review and practice fire prevention tips in the household with your toddler and child as a proactive measure to help instill a piece of knowledge and awareness on what to do in case of a fire or medical emergency.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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