Greyhound services in Alberta will be a thing of the past at midnight and it has municipalities around the province worried

Today is the last day for Greyhound service in Alberta and its got municipalities around the province worried

Greyhound decided back in July that they were going to seize operations because not enough seats were being filled. 

President of Rural Municipalities of Alberta Al Kemmere tells the One News what the biggest challenge is that they will be faced with now that services will no longer be available in Alberta.

"We have seen some programs being launched. The biggest challenge is right now what we are going to have is a much more fragmented approach to it. Trying to link one provider to another provider so a person can get from point a to point b is going to be a challenge." 

Kemmere says the people who will be most affected by this are the ones who do not have their own vehicle, people who are in between jobs, ones who are financially disadvantaged, and elderly people.   

Transportation Minister Brian Mason says more than 82 percent of Greyhounds existing routes are being covered by private bus carriers.

2 million dollars will be put in over the next 2 years from Alberta and federal governments to help with public transit. 

Greyhound has a total of 360 stops in Western Canada. 300 of those, Greyhound is the only service available. 



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