Green Party Candidate hoping to make history in the provincial election

Photo courtesy of Jenn Roach Facebook

Jenn Roach running for the Green Party of Alberta in Leduc-Beaumont

The Green Party is hoping voters in Alberta consider the importance of ecological Wisdom, non-violence, participatory democracy, respect for diversity, social justice, and sustainability.


Those are the six principles the party is running on and something Jenn Roach the party's candidate for Leduc-Beaumont holds near and dear to her heart as a longtime advocator for reducing pollution and waste.

Roach tells The One News why she feels Alberta needs a voice like the Green Party inside the legislature.

"Healthy people and a healthy planet serve a healthy economy, and I'm committed to contributing to the difficult and exciting decisions that Alberta will face in the challenging times that are coming up and I really feel strongly that the Green Party is needed at this time to preserve the fragile ecosystems that we have within our province" says Roach.

Roach says they support the carbon tax because of the extra revenue it brings in which is used for green initiatives.

She adds that if voted in she believes they can train oil and gas workers about green technologies saying those skills along with those of oil/gas workers are interchangeable.

Roach lives in Leduc and currently sits on the Leduc Environmental Advisory Board where she provides input on issues like the community pollinator garden challenge, as well as local greenhouse gas reduction strategies.

For more information about the Green Party of Alberta just visit  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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