GoFundMe page supports Calmar couple hit by a house fire

Seth Hennig and his fiancé Katerina Jenson lost most of their possessions in last week's fire.

A GoFundMe campaign has been started for a young couple in Calmar who lost their home in a fire last week.

The page aims to raise $5000 for Seth Hennig and his fiancé Katerina Jenson. Hennig says just about everything in the house was destroyed in the fire.

The plan is to put the money raised towards replacement clothing and household items, as well as finding a new place to live in the meantime. Hennig says another big priority is making sure that Katerina’s brothers, who live with the couple, are able to keep attending high school in Calmar.

Along with the stress and expense of the fire, Hennig says they have their wedding set for July. He says luckily her wedding dress was not in the house during the fire.

Additional fundraising for the couple comes through one of their friends selling artwork made specifically for the cause.

Hennig says they’re trying to let bygones be bygones.

“All you can really do is try to keep a positive attitude and get through it…We’re very lucky to have a lot of really generous friends and family, so we haven’t had it as hard as some [people] in our situation [probably] have. The generosity has been overwhelming,” he said.

Find a link to the GoFundMe page here. 

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