Gil Poitras for Mayor of Beaumont

Gil Poitras for Mayor of Beaumont.

Gil Poitras, a former Beaumont councilor is running for the second time seeking mayoral status.

Former Beaumont Town Councilor, Gil Poitras, has declared he will be running for Mayor during the 2017 Municipal Election.

When asked why he would like to pursue the mayoral position is told One News, "the main thing for mayor, is you get to kind of direct the council in the direct they're going."

And added, "Especially with this particular campaign, we've got so many new councillors that will be coming in to the council, that I felt we needed somebody that had experience that knows how to guide..."

Previously, Poitras served one term on council from 2001-2004 and has previously put his name on the ballot for mayor as well. "A lot of the issues have not changed,"he explained. "The training the new councillors will need, I feel I'm really well qualified to teach them what they need to do..." and added, "It's not about what I want, it's about what we want as a council." 

Poitras has been involved with many community groups and has served as president of numerous community groups such as the Water Play Park, Lightning Soccer Club, International Region Soccer Elites, the Adult Slow Pitch Association, president of the Local Constituency Association, was assistance coach with the Beaumont Chiefs Junior Hockey club, currently serves and chairs the Alberta Soccer Association Discipline and Apeals Committee. He has also served as the CFO of a Provincial Political Party Board of Directors.

If elected Mayor, Poitras would like to look at the Town's relationship with its business owners, bringing back the Business Advisory Committee, build a multiplex that will fill the needs of "yesterday, today and into the future," conduct regular Town Hall meetings and build a better relationship with the Town's neighboring communities.

"... I know some of the people running in other jurisdictions, and if we're all lucky enough to win, we'll be sitting around the table like we did years ago when I worked with them in different committees and even in work for that matter," he said while explaining how he feels he could create better relationships with Beaumont's neighboring city's and towns.

Beaumont's newly annexed lands and the need for a new multiplex sport facility-being some of the main topics during the campaign, Poitras said, "We need to work with our neighbors and we need to build for the future."

"I've been talking this way for ten years, and people didn't understand where I was going," he said. "And now they understand exactly where I was going, and I believe that this time I will be successful [in the election]."

Beaumont residents will head to the polls on October 16, 2017.

To hear more from Gil Poitras, listen to the full unedited interview below by clicking the player.



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