Gas and electricity fees rising in Beaumont

Increase means an average rise of $7/month

Gas and electricity bills for Beaumont residents are set to go up next year.
The city has come to agreements with FortisAlberta and AltaGas on franchise fees that will be applied to consumption of electricity and gas, respectively.
Currently, the city receives franchise fees of 11.125% for electricity, and 24.5% for gas.
As of January 1, those would be increased to 17.25%, and 28.5%, respectively.
The city says for every 1% increase to the electric franchise fee, it results in an estimated revenue increase of nearly 75,000 dollars.
On the gas side, that projected number sits at roughly 56,000 dollars.
The city says based on average consumption, customers will pay just under 3 dollars more per month for gas, and just over 4 dollars more for electricity.

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