Freedom Conservative Candidate vows to represent the people of Leduc-Beaumont

Photo courtesy of Jeff Rout Facebook page

Jeff Rout seeking to be an MLA for Freedom Conservative Party in Leduc-Beaumont

A right-wing coalition of grassroots conservatives are hoping to unseat the NDP and become the next provincial government. 

The Freedom Conservative Party's platform calls for Albertans to vote in a referendum in order to decide if they should stay in Canada.

The Party candidate for Leduc-Beaumont is Jeff Rout who tells The One News a reason why he thinks he'd be an ideal choice to represent this riding.

"When people are voting for the Freedom Conservative Party in Leduc that means that I vote for Leduc and Beaumont, I don't vote according to what the party tells me to do so if the people of Leduc and Beaumont disagree with the motion that's who I'm supposed to represent not the party" says Rout.

Rout says their party is about increasing the democratic power of Albertans rather than having Ontario and Quebec dictate the laws governing the province.

He adds "We want to have lower taxation to try to get more businesses going, we want to scrap the carbon tax, the carbon tax hasn't done a single thing in terms of preventing any type of pollution, it's only added administrative costs and bureaucratic costs and increased tax, so the carbon tax is a completely ineffective method for that" says Rout.

Rout is running against NDP incumbent Shaye Anderson, Brad Rutherford from the United Conservative Party, Robb Connelly from the Alberta Party, Gil Poitras for the Alberta Advantage Party, and Jenn Roach from the Green Party of Alberta.

You can read more about the Freedom Conservative Party platform here  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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