Francophone Association asking all parties to address the needs of french speakers

ACFA calling of provincial parties to address service issues for francophones

Service demands in city's like Beaumont have increased tremendously of late, particular amongst francophones.

Beaumont is not only the 5th fastest growing community in Canada but was the first ever community to be officially bilingual in Alberta.

Marc Arnal, the President of Alberta's French Canadian Association (ACFA) says Beaumont is one of many francophone communities where they'd like to see service improvements from all provincial parties.

"I get a lot of stories about people who have been either misdiagnosed, or people who have had problems accessing services, because they couldn't understand what was being asked of them, or they couldn't get the service that they needed in the French language which was basically needed at that time" says Arnal.

Among other things the ACFA is requesting that there be bilingual communications officers in areas like health care, education, early and higher education and at workplaces.

To view, their entire platform just click  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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