Foundry and city reach an understanding to advance the search for an Arts and Culture Centre

Leduc Arts Foundry and the City of Leduc reach an agreement to advance search for Arts and Culture space

We may be a step closer to getting a new arts and culture centre in the city in the years to come.

The Leduc Arts Foundry has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with the city to help advance the search for a new space together.

The Foundry's Chair is Chandell Popik who tells The One News how important this is for their group of artists.

"Entering into the memorandum really marks not only a historic moment in time for the city of Leduc in the advancement of arts and culture but it really additionally represents a very important step in acknowledging and strengthening the vital role that arts play in our community," says Popik.

Under the agreement, the Foundry and the city will cooperate to help generate a supportive co-creative process which can maximize cultural, economic, social and environmental sustainability in the search for a new centre.

Leduc Mayor Bob Young says arts and culture enhances community livability, aligning with the city's focus of making Leduc a city where people wanna live, work and play.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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