Former soldier raising awareness on mental health

Russ pictured on the right

Former veteran camping out in Leduc to raise money for mental health

An ex-military man is looking to raise money for mental health programs.

Russ Lee started his campaign on February 22 camping out outside the Leduc Fire Station No.1 and hopes to raise $15,000 when it's all said and done March 1.

Lee who joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1999 tells The One News what finally motivated him to help end the stigma around mental health.

"Shortly before I started speaking about my own story. a few months before that a friend of mine had actually taken his own life and it was the third group of friends that I had, that had taken his own life, all ex-military members, that's what motivated me" says Lee.

The Legacy Place Society provides assistance to first responders, military veterans, 911 operators and their families who may be suffering through mental health problems.  

To donate you can visit  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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