Environment Canada reflects on summer, looks ahead to fall

The fall is expected to be above-average in both rain and temperature.

Environment Canada calls for a wetter, warmer fall than usual.

That’s according to Meteorologist Kyle Fougere, who says September, October, and November are anticipated to have above-average temperatures, as well as precipitation.

He says this is simply just a prediction. 

“When we look at long-term forecasts, once you get outside of a week, it becomes much more difficult to forecast with significant accuracy,” he said.

Now that the summer months have wrapped-up, he says they can assess how the weather stacks-up to previous years.

Fougere says the amount of precipitation in June, July, and August only ranks eighth since the weather began being recorded in 1882. The summer brought 331 millimeters, compared to the average of 233 mm, which was the wettest summer in the Edmonton-region since 1988. Despite this, he says the amount of rainy days ranks second-highest in history.

He adds that although it felt colder than normal, the summer actually sat at the expected average of 16 degrees. Fougere says 2005 was the last year we experienced a below-average temperature, saying that the weather was likely perceived to be cooler because of how warm our last 13 summers have been.

He did not provide any predictions for the winter weather, saying that it’s still too early to say.

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