Eligible voters can go to any advance polling station to cast a ballot for the provincial election

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Albertans can vote at any advance polling station ahead of time for the provincial election

This year there will be an easier way for Albertans to cast your ballots for the provincial election.

Bill 32 introduced in December 2017 is an Act to strengthen and protect democracy in Alberta and it means during advance polling you can cast your vote at any advanced station around the province.

The hope is that this new system will continue to increase voter turnout for elections.

In 2015 57% of eligible voters came out and cast a ballot around Alberta, in 2008's election only 41% of people went to the polls.

Now, this rule only applies for those who want to vote ahead of time, on election day you will have to vote at the station in your riding.

This year Elections Alberta is offering 5 days of advanced polling.

An election needs to be called by the end of May, the earliest it can be called is mid-April. 

Premier Notley has a throne speech scheduled for March 18. (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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