EIA maintenance team gets national award

Airport group wins Team of the Year award

The Edmonton International Airport is getting some national recognition.
The Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada awarded the EIA's maintenance team its Team of the Year award at its national convention this week.
The Airport says the award is in part because of its new maintenance program, which is built around finding and resolving issues before they happen, and making sure machines like baggage carousels have as little downtime as possible, to make for a more efficient operation.
The EIA says other examples of the team's work include installing vibration sensors that help predict failures on baggage system drives.
There's also been the development of a mobile app for workers to report things in real time, which has increased the number of work orders completed.
The airport has 7,000 acres of land that includes upkeep of runways, utility servicing and road network maintenance.

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