Edmonton International Airport to pilot drone project

The airport, seen by some as a drone pioneer, is investing in a new drone service for the year 2020.

The Edmonton International Airport (EIA) is launching a program that aims to integrate drone technology into everyday use at airports. 

Development of a drone-based cargo delivery service is one of the primary goals of the program, which sees the EIA partnering with Drone Delivery Canada (DDC). The two groups are working on an agreement that will work towards Edmonton International Airport becoming a hub for drone cargo deliveries in Canada.

The agreement will also see Air Canada providing assistance; the company’s long term commercial relationship with the airport, as well as sales ties to the DDC through Air Canada Cargo,  make it an ideal partner for the project.

Edmonton International Airport is viewed as a national leader and pioneer in the field of drone projects. EIA was critical in getting previous projects off the ground, with involvement in such innovations as:

  • The first airport to use a robotic falcon, “Robird,” for wildlife control
  • First Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) flights at an airport
  • Runway inspections using RPAs

The project’s operations will fall into strict accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations, as well as Transport Canada flight authorizations.

The DDC plans to commence drone deliveries, through its EIA partnership, as early as 2020.

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