Ecole Mother d'Youville school celebrates grand opening

The school houses grade 5-9 students in English and Immersion programs.

Today marked the official opening of the Ecole Mother D'Youville School in Beaumont!

The school opened their doors in September of 2017 however, construction delays held back the official opening of the school.

The Ecole Mother d'Youville School offers a dual track, English and French Immersion Program for Beaumont and area students in grades 5 to 9.

Before the grand opening, many schools would share students as they waited for the opening.

Tyson McDonald is a grade eight student at the Mother dYouville school and he says it feels amazing finally having a school to themselves.

Michelle Lamer is a trustee with the STAR Catholic school board and she said the opening of this school has been in the running for a long time.

The town of Beaumont will continue to grow and with growth will lead to more schools being opened in the community.


- JL/ One News

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