Don't be a victim of online shopping fraud

Alberta RCMP has issued some timely tips for bargain hunters looking to spend their hard-earned money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The global pandemic has made online shopping more popular than ever.  However, that also means consumers are leaving themselves even more open to being a target for fraudsters and thieves.

Alberta RCMP just issued a list of things consumers should be aware of before they decide to load up an online shopping cart.  The first piece of advice is to shop at home.  "Public wi-fi is not as secure," said Community Engagement and Outreach Specialist Jennifer Kee.  "When you're out in public and you're using your laptop and making purchases, you don't know who's watching what you are entering on your laptop."

RCMP suggests keeping an eye on your address bar to make sure you are only using sites with an HTTPS prefix because HTTP websites aren't encrypted.

Further to that, it's a good idea to research third-party retailers before purchasing.  "You may be going through Amazon, but the person they're getting it from is a third-party.  Do a little research of that actual company that Amazon is getting the product from," added Kee.

Black Friday falls on November 27th this year, a day after Thanksgiving in the United States.  Cyber Monday is November 30th.



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