Devon to phase out single-use plastic in the New Year

A bylaw passed by the Devon Council will ban retailers from distributing single-use plastic bags by January 1st, 2020.

Effective on the first day of the new year, the Town of Devon will no longer be permit retailers within the town to distribute single-use plastic shopping bags.

The town is encouraging residents to start bringing reusable bags with them when they go shopping this holiday season in an effort to get accustomed to the new changes. As of January 1, 2020, retailers in Devon will no longer be allowed to distribute single-use plastic retail bags.

The Town of Devon worked on a strategy to reduce single-use waste within the town in early 2019, in an effort to identify ways of reducing single-use waste within the community. Following meetings with local business owners and consultations with the town’s newly appointed Waste Reduction Task Force, Devon Council passed the Singe-Use Plastic Retail Bag Bylaw, which will remove single-use plastic retail bags from distribution in the town.

With traditional check-out bags no longer permitted at retailers in the town, Devonians will need to bring reusable bags with them while out shopping. To help with the transition, the Town of Devon will be providing reusable bags to citizens. Each household will receive two reusable bags, featuring art designs from local artists, to ensure shoppers won't be left empty-handed while out shopping. 

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