Devon Council approval Municipal Tax Increase of 1.35% in 2019

Photo courtesy of the Town of Devon

Devon approves the smallest tax increase for a town budget in six years

Municipal taxes in Devon are on the decline for a second year running.

Following days of budget deliberations council approved a municipal tax increase of 1.35% in 2019, the smallest increase the town has had in the past six years.

Devon Mayor Ray Ralph tells The One News the budget is an encouraging sign for the community.

"One of the things that I heard when I was campaigning as mayor is that spending was a big thing and people were not happy with previous tax increases which is understandable we have so many people on fixed income plus the way the economy has been," says Ralph.

He adds there will be "no decrease in any of the services offered and actually we're improving some of the services where we really need to focus in 2019 such as in our Protective Services area".

One of the key areas addressed in next year's budget is improving Protective Services which they'll be doing by adding a full-time RCMP officer along with two full-time daytime firefighters.

Last month council announced the town would not see any increases in its utility rates next year.

In 2018 the budget for Devon saw a municipal tax increase of 1.59%  )JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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