Devon Church hosting Award-Winning film on global food systems

Photo courtesy of Walk the Talks Facebook

River of Hope Church hosting Award-Winning-Documentary film tonight

An award-winning documentary film is coming to Devon this evening.

"The Need to Grow" had its premiere at the Edmonton International Film Festival in the fall and something the group Walk the Talks in Devon wanted to bring to the community.

Brian Hicks is the co-founder of Walk the Talks and he tells The One News what he hopes people take away from tonight.

"How can we shape Devon perhaps or the surrounding area and see if this is something that we could bring awareness to, the fact that we are really slowly taking away the nutrients from our soils with the type of farming that's going on here," says Hicks"

The film which is in three stories explores ways to localize a healthier food system.

Tonight's movie takes place at the River of Hope Church in Devon, doors open at 6:15, the movie starts at 7.

Tickets are 8$ per person and you can find more information by visiting  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)



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