Curriculum changes are in need of updates says Leduc-Beaumont MLA

Alberta Curriculum changes long overdue says Municipal Affairs Minister

This week Albertans had their chance to give the NDP their thoughts on the proposed changes to school curriculums.

The changes have drawn criticism from United Conservative Party(UCP) leader Jason Kenney who says the NDP is writing the school curriculum in secret and that it is swapping out critical thinking.

Leduc-Beaumont MLA Shaye Anderson tells The One News that Kenney is mistaken.

"Our government has been committed to helping along the way and helping our students grow and making sure they have the problem-solving skills that they need, the idea quite frankly that Jason Kenney doesn't want our kids to feel empowered baffles me," says Anderson.

Kenney has said if the UCP is in power he would throw out curriculum changes if they stray away from subject fundamentals.

Anderson says it's time Kenney sets aside his ideology and fear mongering and starts being honest with Albertans.

Alberta Education has been working on curriculum changes since 2016.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

The education ministry has laid out timelines for the next few years for approval by the ministry

  • December 2018 for Grades K-4
  • December 2019 for Grades 5-8
  • December 2020 for Grades 9-10 (in three subjects)
  • December 2021 for Grades 9-10 (for the remaining three subjects), and Grades 11-12 (in three subjects)
  • December 2022 for Grades 11-12 (the remaining three subjects)

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