County Council lays out its final budget and tax rates for 2020

The tax rates and final budget (including the county's operating and capital budgets) were laid out during councils Wednesday meeting.

Leduc County council approved the final 2020 budget and set the 2020 tax rates at its regular council meeting this week.

Council approved an $84.9 million operating budget, which covers day-to-day municipal operating expenses and includes $25.6 million collected on behalf of the Government of Alberta and the Leduc Regional Housing Foundation for school, designated industrial property and seniors' requisitions. A total of $2.1 million will go towards parks and recreation, which includes the county’s $500,000 contribution to the Beaumont Sport and Recreation Centre expansion; a $1.6 million allocation for additional recreation cost-sharing with regional partners is also included. The county also set aside $5.5 million for road maintenance projects, including $3.0 million for the annual gravelling program.

Council also approved a $17.0 million capital budget, which includes infrastructure costs for buildings, roads, bridges, and equipment. This results in a four percent tax budget decrease over 2019. Some highlights of the 2020 capital budget include $10.9 million for Leduc County’s annual road-surfacing program, $1.5 million for capital equipment and vehicle purchases and a $1.3 million allocation for bridge rehabilitation within the county.

By decreasing its tax budget by four percent, most landowners in Leduc County will benefit from a property tax decrease. Roughly 89 percent of Leduc County property owners can expect a property tax decrease. Six percent of property owners in Leduc County will see no change, and five percent of property owners will face an increase over 2019 as a result of an increase in their assessed value.

The county’s property taxes are comprised of municipal taxes, external requisitions, local improvement tax and the provincial education tax, and Leduc County has an obligation to take in the provincial education, as part of the county’s property taxes, as set by the Government of Alberta. 

Property tax notices will be mailed to residents on June 18, and are due by September 30. A copy of the county's interim budget is available online, and for more information, you can visit the Property Taxes page on the Leduc County website.

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