City asking people to be considerate when clearing snow

Photo courtesy of the city of Leduc

City warning people about the bylaws with snow removal

Leduc's Public Services is offering some helpful tips for people in the community to help make the winter season as smooth as possible.

Whenever snowfall hits crews are out clearing away that white stuff but they're cautioning you to not push shovels of snow into the roadways, lanes or alleys or to the sides of driveways which can make their job much more difficult.

After a snowfall Leduc's Public Services' priority road clearing begins with arterial roadways, then the downtown commercial district before moving on to collector roads while residential streets are taken care of once there is 15 cm of compacted snow.

Keeping roadways clear is covered a traffic bylaw dating back to traffic bylaw No. 878-2014 and anyone who violates that law could be fined $45.

For more information, you can view the Snow Removal Page at  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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