City along with RCMP changing Bylaw on False Alarms

Leduc RCMP clamping down on false alarms

The city is working with local RCMP in Leduc to change its Bylaw concerning false alarms.

Over the past few years, emergency service personnel have noticed a steady increase in false alarms reaching between 95- 98%. 

According to the Cameron Chisholm the Manager of Administration and Enforcement Services with the city every alarm requires police response and when it's determined to be a false alarm it reduces the ability to respond to legitimate calls for assistance.

The belief is that this new bylaw will address efficiency and effectiveness on this issue.

In July 2018 police changed to policy to only respond to alarms where there is a likelihood of criminal activity which resulted in a 35% decrease in false alarm reports from July to December of that year.

Enforcement of this bylaw outlines a few factors when officers exercise discretion:

- The nature or consequences of the offence

-The number of previous convictions of the person charged

-The number of previous warnings, municipal tags or violation tickets issued to the person charged.

If an officer suspects a breach of this bylaw, the can issue a:


-Municipal tag ($250 per Section 5- No person shall cause or permit an Alarm System to issue a False Alarm on property they own or occupy; $125 for any other offence)

-Provincial violation ticket($500 per Section 5; $250 for any other offence).

For more information, contact Leduc Enforcement Services at 780-980-7200.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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