Chemical spill at the LRC has been contained

A chemical spill at the Leduc Recreation Centre has been cleaned and contained

A case of vandalism last week at the Leduc Recreation Centre led to a scary situation which has thankfully been handled.

On November 13 the city was informed of a chemical spill at the Rec Centre which resulted in six cubic metres of glycol leaking into the stormwater collection system which connects to Telford Lake.

RCMP were notified and confirmed vandalism as the cause of the spill which has since been contained.

The city was able to take control of the situation by flushing storm sewer lines and vacuuming catch basins in order to remove the chemical from the stormwater system.

The samples that were taken from the catch basins and the lake were below environmental guidelines for glycol and did not pose a threat to people or wildlife in Leduc.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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