Cannabis is now officially legal across the country

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Cannabis becomes officially legal

It's been talked about for years and now the day is finally here.

Cannabis is legal across Canada today and dozens of retailers are opening their doors this morning to customers here in Alberta.

The Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission(AGLC) has given out a total of 17 interim retail cannabis licenses around the province including one in Devon called Small Town Buds located at #101 102-6 Athabasca Avenue.

You can legally purchase dried bud, milled cannabis, plant seeds, cannabis oil, capsules, and pre-rolled joints. AGLC's wholesale catalog has over 300 cannabis products available. 

Every adult in the province is permitted to purchase or carry up to 30 grams of dried cannabis (or the equivalent in other forms) at a time and each household will be able to grow up to four plants. 

According to the law in Alberta, you can grow up to four plants per household and you can smoke in private residences and some public places where smoking tobacco is allowed. It will be prohibited to consume cannabis in vehicles. Renters are subject to the rules set out by their landlord.

In communities around here such as Devon, Beaumont and Leduc consuming cannabis in public is prohibited and if caught you could face a fine of up to 250$

There are a couple ways you can buy cannabis in the province either through a retailer or online through the AGLC at

To better understand the rules in the province you can visit  

It's expected the province could license about 250 marijuana shops in the first year of the new law.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)

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