Cannabis is legal now and the province of Alberta thinks they are prepared

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Cannabis is up and running now and the province thinks they are well prepared

Municipalities however were a little bit concerned that they don't have enough funding to be ready as mentioned earlier this week.

MLA for Leduc and Beaumont Shaye Anderson says " we are one of three provinces to give funding to municipalities and that's important to note that we have listened to municipalities and we acknowledged that they are costs. The government of Alberta has a lot of costs that incurred, this is money that is coming from provincial coffers that we had to find to try and help municipalities. This isn't from a bucket of money that we magically found." 

"We have 342 municipalities across the province and they are all unique and have different circumstances," says Anderson, " We made sure they brought autonomy to what they think is right for their communities."   

This week the province announced they'd be giving municipalities in Alberta 11.2 million dollars over the next two years to help but that money will only be given to municipalities with a population of over 5 thousand.



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