Candidates speak in forum

The next Edmonton-Wetaskiwin forum is on Wednesday.

The Nisku Rec Centre was the site of a federal election candidate's forum for Edmonton-Wetaskiwin.

Four of the six parties running in the riding were represented at Friday's event hosted by the Leduc & District Chamber of Commerce.

Incumbent-MP Mike Lake of the Conservatives, Neil Doell of the Peoples' Party of Canada, Richard Wong of the Liberals, and Travis Calliou of the Veterans Coaltion Party of Canada fielded questions from the moderator.

Questions generally focused on economic and business-centric topics, but also asked opinions on climate change, what makes a strong Member of Parliament, and Canada's role on the world stage.

Doell stuck closely to the principles of the newly-formed PPC, Wong commended his Liberal peers' work over the past four years, while Caillou voiced his disdain with traditional politics altogether. Mike Lake flexed his 13 years of experience in Ottawa, as his answers generally showed a deeper anecdotal understanding of Canada's polticial system than his opponents.

The Chamber hosts another forum on Wednesday at 6:00 at the Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts.

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