Campaign to help homeless is on hold, despite exceeding its goal

New provincial COVID-19 restrictions means organizers can't hand out the goods they've collected for Brooklyn's Backpacks.

First, the good news.  Crystal Manuel, the founder of Brooklyn's Backpacks for the Homeless, says they've exceeded their goal set earlier in the fall for filling 150 backpacks with donated goods.  In October, The One learned the Leduc campaign was struggling, and had reached only one-third of its goal.

"We've had donations come in from all over the place of clothing and monetary donations," said Manuel.

Now for the bad news.  With the new pandemic restrictions put in place by the Alberta government, Manuel is unable to distribute the donated goods or host the dinner she had planned to assist the homeless community in Edmonton.

"We have a lot of volunteers that aren't from our own cohort.   Because of that, we can't have our meal service prepped properly." she added.

Manuel is trying to turn a negative into a positive by continuing to collect donations, even though she has already surprised the goal of donated items to fill at least 150 backpacks.  She hopes to be able to hand out the donated goods in January.

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