Campaign to help homeless in need of donations

Brooklyn's Backpacks for the Homeless is having trouble collecting what it needs for its fall campaign.

COVID-19 has claimed many victims in 2020.  Crystal Manuel hopes Brooklyn's Backpacks for the Homeless isn't one of them.

The campaign to collect clothes, food and other essentials for the homeless in Edmonton started in 2018, when Crystal's six-year old daughter spotted something that caught her interest on YouTube.  "I guess one had popped up about homelessness in New York," Crystal said.  "And how a guy was using an app to get some stuff that they required.  So Brooklyn came up to me and started asking questions like 'what is homelessness'?"

The discussion between mother and daughter triggered an idea to fill backpacks with items homeless people would need and give them away in the spring and fall.  Crystal hopes to collect enough donations to fill 150 backpacks by November 29th, but the stream of donations has slowed dramatically.  "COVID-19 has definitely impacted us.  Usually by this time we have collected everything we need," she said.  "I would say right now we are at about a third."

Anyone interested in helping the campaign can get a list of the items needed on a Facebook page set up for the campaign.


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