Buy a Bolt campaign off to a slow start

The Canadian Energy Museum fundraiser needs to gain momentum to reach its goal.

Interest in the Buy a Bolt campaign set up by the Canadian Energy Museum at the site of Leduc #1 has been modest. 

The fundraiser began in early September.  "We're just trying different fundraising, helping with the cost of erecting a large, metal structure," said Stephanie Huolt, the new Executive Director of the Museum.

The idea was to sell each of the 3,700 or so bolts used to create the rig.  Buyers don't get to keep the bolts, but will be recognized once the fundraiser is complete.  Bolts can be 'purchased' for $20 each. 

But not all of the money raised is being used for cost recovery.  "We kind of hoped to spread it between Devon and Leduc and the surrounding communities," said Huolt of the fundraising effort.  Plans are in the works to donate some of the funds to the Food Bank.  The group is looking for a worthy cause in Devon to donate some of the proceeds as well.

"Once we finish the fundraising campaign, there will be signage at the rig that lists everybody's names that donated," she added.

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