Bus Drivers in Black Gold Division learning bullying prevention skills

Bus Drivers in Black Gold Regional School Division expanding bullying prevention skills

The Black Gold Regional School Division is doing its part to stop bullying.

They're hosting a professional development day this morning at the Nisku Inn for contracted bus drivers of Division 18 to help them gain some practical skills when it comes to conflict.

Sue Timmerman, the Transportation Manager for the Black Gold Region tells The One News why bus drivers play a critical role in resolving conflicts.

"We do have 76 different bus routes, so there's bound to be some conflict between students and the ones that we can see and the ones that we can hear are actually easy for us to handle in a way of talking to the kids,maybe talking to the school and school principal and working it out" says Timmerman.

Timmerman says workshops like this help give bus drivers greater self-awareness and self-management when it comes to the warning signs that go along with conflicts.  

This morning's event goes from 9am-noon and the event will include a presentation by Carrie Percival, founder of Bully B.R.A.V.E.  (JSL/AJS/THE ONE NEWS)


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