Bob Young celebrating 1 year anniversary as mayor

Leduc mayor hopeful 65th Avenue project will get funding

He's been at the job for just over a year but has some big plans for the city's future.

Bob Young was elected mayor back in 2017 and admits there's a lot more responsibility in his new post than there was as a city councilor.

Young received 2,813 votes in the 2017 election and served three terms previously as city councilor under former mayor Greg Krischke.

Young tells The One News one of the projects he is most looking forward to in the upcoming year.

"We've been trying now for over 20 years to get 65th Avenue built and I'm really hopeful that in the next provincial budget that they're going to announce that the 65th Avenue overpass construction project will be funded, I know that once we get a commitment from the province and we've had lots of indications federally that we'll be able to get funding from them as well" says Young.

Council will be discussing next year's budget on November 15th, 16th, and 17th at its Committee-of-the-whole meetings in the council chambers.  (JSL/THE ONE NEWS)



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